Anonymous asked:

I think you are slightly too young to be this sad and depressed. I am not judging you at all but if this is because of some one who you were in love with but then your relationship was messed up somehow, and this is your way of ignoring the fact or trying to forget it, it's not really effective. Please remember that I'm not judging you but please try to be happy again.

extrasad answered:

i was literally diagnosed with anxiety and depression when i was like 13 it’s not an age thing there are children who have felt more than any adult will ever feel and i think it’s ridiculous to say that you can’t feel a certain way because you’re young but anyway im doing fine and thank u for trying to help 


My little brother is an example, he’s six and he’s told us he doesn’t like himself. He thinks he messes everything up. Age means nothing, my dear.